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Eimear’s Visit To The British Tinnitus Association

By Chrissy Hughes on 19th November 2014

Meeting the BTA: Staff and Members

In the last two weeks I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time visiting the British Tinnitus Association; both their staff at the head office in Sheffield and some members at the Sheffield Tinnitus Association. We’ve long been supporters of the work that the BTA does for tinnitus sufferers in the UK and so we’re now delighted to announce our corporate membership of the BTA. Strengthening our relationship in this way will hopefully lead to greater awareness of tinnitus in the population and an opportunity to combine our efforts in serving tinnitus sufferers in the UK and beyond.

Speaking at the BTA staff meeting this week was exciting and stimulating. It’s an amazing opportunity to present to rooms full of people who work with tinnitus sufferers day in and day out and who understand the condition so well. I fielded some challenging and thoughtful questions about our trial and how it will affect future studies that we undertake. For example, we’d love to talk more through our blog about how favourably we compare to masking devices backed up with facts, a point raised by BTA staff members in our question and answer session. Being given the opportunity to speak to the BTA and then receiving positive feedback is a great opportunity for us in rolling out Sound Relief and furthering our tinnitus information resources and research.

As ever, it was great to meet the members too. I spoke about our recent clinical trial, where it fits in our journey to a permanent tinnitus therapy and the latest in tinnitus information and research. The Sheffield group were enthusiastic and engaged asking lots of questions about the trial and how the therapy is delivered. Their feedback will form a part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best tinnitus products. We even asked about our up and coming tinnitus product to gather their thoughts ahead of launch.

I’d like to thank David Stockdale, BTA Chief Executive, and Ian Foster of the Sheffield Tinnitus Association for inviting me to speak; it was a joy. We in Team Restored Hearing are very excited about our partnership with the BTA and hope to deliver some really informative and impactful awareness campaigns with them in the New Year.

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