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6 Loudest Sports Stadiums

By Chrissy Hughes on 19th August 2015

This week we were interested to find out where the loudest sports stadiums were so we did some research and compiled a list of the top 6. We were shocked at the decibel levels some of these stadiums reached and we really hope the people that attended these events were wearing adequate hearing protection!

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  • Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium – MO

In 2014 the Kansas City Chiefs reached an astonishing 142.2 decibels. They paid about $8,000 to fly a Guinness adjudicator over to reclaim the title of the loudest stadium in the world and they still hold this title to this day.

  • Seattle Seahawks, Centurylink Field Stadium – WA

The Seattle Seahawks hit 137.6 dB back in 2013. Seahawks’ fans, also known as the 12th Man, have set the Guinness World Record TWICE for the loudest crowd noise.

  • Clemson Tigers, Memorial Stadium – SC

Memorial Stadium is often referred to as “Death Valley”. Back in 2007 they reached 132.8 dB. The Clemson Tigers also went for the Guinness world record but lost out to the Kansas City Chiefs above.

  • Husky Stadium, WA

In 1992 the sound levels in Husky stadium reached 133.6 dB. The 92-year old stadium was torn down in 2011 for renovations and was reopened in 2013. It is expected to be as loud as its predecessor.

  • Autzen Stadium, OR

Autzen stadium holds only 54,000 people yet is one of the loudest stadiums in college football! It reached 127 dB in 2007 which is enough for someone to start feeling pain in their ears. Not cool! Their employees even have to sign a waiver to say they won’t sue the university.

  • Beaver Stadium, PA

Beaver stadium hit 122 dB back in 1999. It is known for it’s “White Out” themed games. People wear white clothes to make it look like a blizzard is about to blow over. It has a capacity of 107,282 and is the 2nd largest stadium in the country!

Do you have any to add to the list above? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!

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