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Top 5 Hearing Blog Posts

By Chrissy Hughes on 26th August 2015

This week I wanted to compile the most interesting and useful blog posts about hearing and tinnitus. I spend a lot of time reading different posts and articles about hearing and I finally narrowed it down to these 5 superstars. If you would like to suggest a blog that you find helpful please let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

1. What Is That Noise!?! – My Take On Living With Tinnitus Shari Eberts, Living With Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts is a hearing health ambassador who also sits on the board of the Hearing Health Foundation. She has genetic hearing loss and mild tinnitus. Whenever we share one of her posts on our Facebook page, it receives a massive amount of engagement as people really relate to her and what she has to write. Shari recently found out that she is an “Oticon Focus on People Award” finalist, you can vote for her here.

Although all of Shari’s blog posts are amazing, we chose this one in particular because we feel like it really puts across how frustrating living with tinnitus can be. When we shared this on Facebook, people commented telling us how they felt like it was written from their perspective

2. The Sound of Silence – Tinnitus Adrian McNeece, Double Helix

Adrian is the East Herts District Councillor, Hertford Heath Ward in the UK and he has his own blog sharing the thoughts of a workplace consultant. He doesn’t blog about hearing frequently, but we came across one post where he talks about his journey with tinnitus.

We added this particular post because I think it’s a very honest and accurate piece which had me captivated from the moment I started reading it.

3. Five Things People With Tinnitus Want You To Know Linda Hobbis, Mother Distracted   

I discovered this blog post via Twitter one evening and I thought it was brilliant! Linda Hobbis frequently blogs about her experience with tinnitus, but I think this particular one really resonated with our readers. It’s clear and to the point.

She discusses 5 things that people with tinnitus want you to know and states that it’s hard for loved ones of sufferers to understand and deal with. Linda mentions how groups like the British Tinnitus Association are supportive and how there seems to be a complete lack of sympathy from GP’s and ENT departments.

4. Who Is This Guy With Two Pillows Between His Ears? Jeff Swartz, World Of Silence  

Jeff Swartz lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife and two kids. One morning in April 2012, Jeff woke up and his hearing was gone in his left ear and almost gone in his right ear. His blog records his experience with sudden hearing loss and pain

This post, in particular, is quite touching and shows how positive Jeff has been through everything. He says that losing his hearing has given him a new perspective on life, has made him a better writer and has allowed him to learn American Sign Language.

5. Hear, Hear I Say! Fiona Byrne, Restored Hearing 

Fiona Byrne recently wrote a guest blog post for our own blog which went down really well with our readers. Why? Because it’s all about positivity and about turning tinnitus from a tyrant, into a friend. We think this is a really important perspective to take.

Fiona has suffered from tinnitus for over a decade. She states that she realised her fun self, the light-hearted, playful version of Fiona had somewhere along the line gotten side-tracked and buried in the mangled maze of incessant noise and daily frustration. Then, she woke up. She took responsibility and her outlook changed.
Remember, if you would like to suggest a blog that you find helpful please let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.  

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