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6 Tips For Flying With Tinnitus

By Chrissy Hughes on 26th August 2016

Is your tinnitus making you nervous about flying this summer? Ear buzzing along with ear fullness doesn’t sound like a great type of holiday. Follow our tips below to make sure your flight journey is a comfortable one.

Tip #1 Relax

Make sure you get a good night sleep the night before your flight so you’re nice and refreshed when you wake up. Don’t stress out as this may make you more aware of your tinnitus. Do some breathing exercises, practise them before your flight. This will calm you down and make you feel more relaxed.


Tip #2 Yawn and swallow

Keep yawning and swallowing, this opens up your Eustachian tube and allows air to enter the middle ear. You can also chew gum or suck on hard boiled sweets, this encourages the swallowing action!


Tip #3 Take a decongestant

Even if you don’t have a cold or a sinus infection, a decongestant is a great way to help keep airways and tubes open for better pressure release!


Tip #4 Hearing Aids

Leave your hearing aids in, they can be helpful during the flight.


Tip #5 Bring a book!

Reading a book, listening to music at a safe volume level or taking advantage of the entertainment on the plane is a great way to take your mind off your tinnitus and make you less aware of it. Sit back, relax and watch the latest blockbuster in comfort! The 60/60 rule is below 60% volume for a maximum of 60 minutes and then have a rest. An ear break every hour at least is recommended.


Tip #6 Seating 

Try to sit anywhere in front of the wings on the plane, away from the engines as it’s not as noisy.


Did you find these tips helpful? If you have any to add please let us know over on Twitter or Facebook.

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