Thank You For Supporting Sound Bounce On Kickstarter

Thank You For Supporting Sound Bounce On Kickstarter

By Chrissy Hughes on 27th January 2017

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for all of your support throughout our Kickstarter campaign. Exceeding our Kickstarter goal of €15,000 enables us to CE mark the Sound Bounce headsets and place our first bulk order.

We expect the headsets to be completed and shipped in June 2017. We could not have reached this goal without the help of you and all of our backers.

Sound Bounce Kickstarter

We’d like to say a special thanks to:

Goodwin Lawlor, Cluster 

For being our loudest cheerleader throughout and being there to celebrate with us the SECOND we reached our goal. 🍾

John Hitch, New Equipment Digest 

For promoting a small Irish company who he believed had potential and getting excited about and believing in the Sound Bounce technology.

Paul Watson 

For spreading the word about our campaign from the outset and for going the extra mile for us on Product Hunt.

Ciara O Brien 

For believing in our company and products, and writing about us last year as “one to watch” and about our Kickstarter success.

Simon Cocking 

For compiling a business showcase on Irish Tech News about our company and advocating for Sound Bounce on Twitter throughout the campaign.

Tarik Merrylees 

For featuring us in his aviation video blog, being one of our biggest supporters throughout the campaign and letting everyone know about Sound Bounce.

Bill Liao and the SOS Ventures team 

For supporting us from day one, encouraging us to launch Sound Bounce on Kickstarter and always being at the end of the phone with kind words of support and advice.

Hyperacusis Research 

We are passionate about protecting hearing, which is why we have developed Sound Bounce. To be supported by those in the industry is extremely touching and we greatly appreciate it.


For widely sharing our social media posts and your kind words about the Sound Bounce technology.

Natalie Morrison, Jennifer McCormack, Laura Lowles, Brent Gath 

For being our social media warriors, for taking the time to tell the world why they should back Sound Bounce – enabling us to bring Sound Bounce to you all.

Friends and family

For being there for us throughout Christmas and the New Year as we worked hard to bring Sound Bounce to life, and for backing the campaign.

Each and every one of our backers

Hundreds of you came to support the launch of Sound Bounce. Thank you for believing in the campaign enough to become ambassadors for Sound Bounce all over the globe. Without your championing of the product, we wouldn’t have got this far. You are amazing.

We’ll be keeping in touch as we work towards production and delivery, and we will be sharing this wonderful journey with you. It’s yours as much as it is ours.

Chrissy and the Restored Hearing team.

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