10 Ways To Keep Your Ears Happy

By Chrissy Hughes on 20th March 2017

To celebrate International Happiness Day 2017 we thought we’d share 10 tips on how to keep your ears happy!

1. Listen to music at a safe volume

Turn down your music a few notches and you could prevent yourself from developing hearing damage. Check out this handy guide which we found over at generationdeaf.com


2. Be careful when removing ear wax

Ear wax is designed to protect your ear. Sticking a cotton swab in your ear to remove wax can push the wax farther in and compact it. Visit your GP to safely get it removed.

3. Protect your ears at home

At home or work, make sure to wear hearing protection during exposure to loud levels of noise. This includes mowing the lawn, leaf blowing or using power tools

4. Wear earplugs

Wear earplugs at rock concerts, nightclubs, festivals, motor sporting events and any other loud events.

5. Happy ears while flying

When flying, swallow and yawn frequently while the plane is taking off and landing to equalize the pressure in your ears. If you have an upper respiratory problem such as a cold or sinus infection, make sure to take a decongestant a few hours before your flight. Earplugs with special filters can be purchased to help equalize air pressure in ears during air travel.

6. Ears & Sun

While outdoors in sunny weather, remember to use sunscreen on your ears. It’s probably one of the worst places you could get burnt as the skin there is so sensitive!

7. Know the warning signs of hearing loss:

Difficulty hearing conversations, frequently asking others to repeat what they have said, misunderstanding what other people say and difficulty hearing on the telephone are just some of the signs to look out for.

8. Prevent ear infections

Middle-ear infections are generally caused by a cold or another type of respiratory infection. Make sure to treat the respiratory infection before it turns into an ear infection.

9. Always consider your hearing

Your hearing is so delicate so make sure you always consider their safety. There’s little things we do every day that could be damaging our hearing. Using a hair dryer too close to your ears is one I never would have thought of and now I think twice before blasting it near my head!

10. Medication

Some medications can cause hearing problems. Make sure to discuss any concerns you have with your doctor. Let them know immediately if you start to suffer from unusual symptoms such as tinnitus while on the medication.

We hope the above tips will help you keep your ears happy in the future, and if you have any to share with us please let us know below or over on Twitter @RestoredHearing

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