World Tinnitus Day Laura Lowles

World Tinnitus Day: Laura Lowles, The Invisible Disability & Me – 5 Things People Don’t Tell You About Tinnitus

By Laura Lowles on 12th April 2017

Tinnitus is one of those conditions that we do not give much consideration to until we experience it for ourselves. It can be debilitating and isolating and whilst there is a wealth of information about tinnitus out there, Google won’t tell you this…

1) It can occur for no reason whatsoever;

While hearing loss and exposure to loud noises are generally considered the main reasons for tinnitus, some of us will experience tinnitus for no apparent reason.

2) It can happen to you at any age;

Many people are of the impression that tinnitus and hearing loss happens to us when we get older but with the increase of technology, more and more young people are presenting signs of tinnitus.


3) It isn’t one noise;

People generally associate tinnitus with a buzzing noise heard in the ear, while this is true for many people, it can manifest in many different types of noises unique to the sufferer.

4) For most of us, it won’t just “go away”

Some people experience some form of tinnitus after exposure to loud noises – like, after a music gig, this is normally temporary but can last up to several days.


Tinnitus is a lifelong condition,  you may get used to it over time and perhaps learn to block out the noises so it doesn’t affect the quality of your everyday life.  Even though it may not bother you as much on the day to day basis it won’t just magically go away.

5) It can affect your natural hearing – even if it is impeccable;

Your brain will give precedence to the tinnitus and this will affect your ability to concentrate and pick up on the important sounds and speech heard. This is because your brain loses the ability to determine what sounds are important and what are useless.

Remember to protect your hearing, especially when exposed to loud noises – whether that be from machinery at work or attending music events regularly – prevention is the best cure!

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