Tips To Protect Your Hearing on St Patrick's Day

Tips To Protect Your Hearing on St Patrick’s Day

By Chrissy Hughes on 9th March 2018

The famous and beloved St Patrick’s day is just around the corner. Even though it’s a great occasion for you and your close ones to party and have fun, all that celebrating could potentially harm your hearing.

We’ve put together some tips that could help you prevent tinnitus flare-ups during the big event allowing you to enjoy the holiday.

  1. Hearing protection

St. Patrick’s Day parade is one big party. There is music playing, people singing and shouting. It gets really crazy and really loud. To protect your ears from all that noise, we suggest using protective hearing protection such as foam earplugs, ear wax, earmuffs, silicone plugs, etc. Using those when you’re in heavily populated places will protect you from excessive noise to which you may not realize you’re exposed to and prevent any permanent damage to your hearing.

  1.  Stress and fatigue

The saying “everything in moderation“ also goes for St. Patrick’s’ Day. Of course, you are going to celebrate it properly, but don’t overdo it and don’t stress your body. Too much stress and exhaustion can lead to a spike in your tinnitus. Have a good night sleep afterward and try to go to sleep relatively early so that your body can recharge. We have a free daily diary feature on our website and app so that you can track any activities, medication or drinks that may have an impact on your tinnitus.

  1.  Alcohol

To say to someone not to have a drink on St Patrick’s day is like saying to the Greeks not to break those plates at weddings. It’s simply a cheerful tradition at a cheerful occasion, so it’s ok to have a few drinks but like we said before try not to overdo it. It has been shown that high alcohol consumption can damage the central auditory cortex of the brain limiting your possibility to process sounds.

  1.  Hydration

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of hydration in general. This is particularly important at big events like St Patrick’s Day for both your hearing and your overall health. Try to drink enough water before, during and after you celebrate to reduce the negative impact of alcohol and dehydration on your system that could also negatively affect your hearing. Drink a full glass of water before you go to sleep and you will thank us in the morning!

  1. Excessive noise

Try to stay away from too much noise.

This one might be a little tricky since events like St. Patrick’s Day always tend to be very loud and the noise is everywhere. Try to reduce direct exposure to very loud sources of noise such as loudspeakers and loud instruments. The longer you expose yourself to loud noise the higher are the chances of hearing damage.

It would be great if you could take a break from very loud music every 15 minutes and find a quiet place for your ears to rest.

St Patrick's Day

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Hope you have a lovely and joyful St Patrick’s day,

The Restored Hearing Team

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