Who Are We?

Founded by Rhona Togher and Eimear O’Carroll in 2009, Restored Hearing have developed a sound therapy for tinnitus, Sound Relief, which is financially and geographically accessible, as well as scientifically proven to alleviate tinnitus severity. Find out more about Sound Relief here.

In addition to providing a treatment for tinnitus, Restored Hearing are committed to help prevent it with a hearing protection product called Sound Bounce. Sound Bounce combines the power of noise cancelling electronics with the competitive cost of foam hearing protection which has been independently verified to absorb sound up to 8 times more effectively than foam. Find out more about Sound Bounce here.

At Restored Hearing, we aim to change the way the world hears by ridding it of avoidable hearing damage. Our company is completely community focused. Our community are front and centre when it comes to any business decision. We reach out to our community on social media to provide a safe place where they can discuss how tinnitus and hearing loss makes them feel. Those feelings need to be treated with compassion, open-mindedness, honesty and most of all kindness.

To do this we hold ourselves accountable to the following 8 values:

Trust & Respect, Quality, Service, Education, Passion & Commitment, Research, Compassion, Forward thinking.

The Team

Rhona Togher
Rhona keeps our ship on an even keel, managing all aspects of Restored Hearing from finance to product development. Having studied physics at University College Dublin, Rhona uses her technical training to create innovative products, bringing both a strategic and a detail orientated approach simultaneously. Rhona is also our global ambassador for changing the way the world hears; she has been invited to speak the world over highlighting the need for action against harmful noise.
Eimear O' Carroll
Eimear is the other half of the product creation and IP building team. She focuses on the commercialisation of our technology. She builds strategic global partnerships with market leaders and innovators which is a key driver of adoption for Restored Hearing’s technologies. Eimear continues to handle regulatory affairs within the team. She also studied physics to masters level, at the University of Edinburgh.
Chrissy Hughes
Community & Marketing Manager
Chrissy is our community and marketing manager. She provides superior support to the valued community we have built. Chrissy ensures that users have a variety of platforms in which to get use from Restored Hearing – she also creates blog content, manages our Social Media, and runs events. She pioneered World Tinnitus Day as the first global initiative to raise awareness of tinnitus. Her passion and commitment to our users is evident in everything Chrissy does.
Ultan O’Raghallaigh
Commercial Director
Ultan leads our activities in defining and implementing our go-to-market strategy. Working closely with CTO Eimear, we are building partnerships with global companies in materials, sound insulation and hearing protection products. Ultan has a track record of delivering for both early stage technology companies and large scale multi-nationals operating globally over the past 35 years.
Jeff McBride
Quality Representative
Jeff is our Quality Representative, making sure that what we do meets with our Regulatory requirements and our Quality Management System. Jeff has a long history in Software Quality Assurance with Medical Devices throughout Europe.
Laura Lowles
Guest Contributor
28 year old Newly Wed. Deaf since birth as a result of Maternal Rubella. Bilateral Hearing Aid user since the age of 2. Diagnosed with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in February 2014. Set up The Invisible Disability and Me blog in November 2014. Cochlear Implant User (Med-El) since 14.01.2015. Passionate about travel, baking, shoes and all things Minion! I am guest blogging for Restored Hearing as I am passionate about helping those suffering from all types of hearing loss, tinnitus and associated issues, just as Restored Hearing support and champion their readers.
We are hiring!
We're Hiring!
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