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Tinnitus First Appointment Guide for General Practitioners

After recognising the challenges GPs face with newly diagnosed tinnitus patients, The Tinnitus Clinic drafted a short booklet in response to all the questions we know a tinnitus patient asks within those first few weeks. The free GP guide was also formulated by the clinic to help lessen the burden on GPs when their patients visit them with early tinnitus symptoms, especially during the crucial 18 week wait for treatment.

Hearing Aid or Tinnitus Masker?

Results of a Long-Term Study on 974 Patients. Hearing Aid or Tinnitus Masker: Which One Is the Best Treatment for Blast-Induced Tinnitus?

Trusted Partners Programme

If you’re an audiologist, ENT specialist, or clinician fill in your details for more information about referring Sound Relief to your patients.

The Sounds of Silence

Science-based tinnitus therapeutics are finally coming into their own.

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