Sound Relief

Sound Relief is a 5 minute audio treatment which uses a combination of low frequency sounds to achieve a therapeutic benefit using the physics of sound. Listened to in the same way one would music, delivered via headphones to alleviate tinnitus.

Sound therapy is a type of sensory training aimed at modifying the brain signals associated with tinnitus. Different types of sound therapies do this in slightly different ways. The aim of sound therapy is to decrease the activity of the parts of the auditory cortex (part of the brain that processes sound) that produce the signals that are interpreted as tinnitus. Decreasing this activity decreases the levels of tinnitus perceived.

Combining this patented sound therapy with daily use leads to the alleviation of tinnitus, thus the user hears less of the ringing in the ears. Sound Relief works faster than comparable online therapies and is scientifically proven, with CE approval.

Sound Relief is delivered online and through an iOS mobile application for iPhone and iPad. In addition to the sound therapy, there are also some excellent free features that allow you to track your tinnitus and to monitor your progress with the treatment.

Each Sound Relief plan comes with a free 7-day trial, no credit card details required, so you get to see what it is like and how it works for you.

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Noise affects every aspect of our world. Transport, power generation, and construction are among the major industries which are coming under pressure from regulation and the public to reduce their noise levels. They do not have the technology to comply using existing acoustic insulation materials.

SoundBounce is our solution, a game-changing acoustic metamaterial. Independently tested and proven to be 100 times more effective at attenuating noise over the most widely used acoustic foams. It’s thinner and it can be deployed in many operational environments.

SoundBounce enables designers to create smaller, lighter products with a significant reduction in noise – and cost.

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