Customer Stories

The free trial was a great way to be introduced to your sound therapy. It has been a very positive experience for me which means I'll definitely continue with Sound Relief in the hopes of further reducing my tinnitus. Thanks again for running a company like yours. I'm sure it helps a lot of people.

- Mark Van Deursen, Netherlands

I’m a long term tinnitus sufferer. I’ve just tried the Restored Hearing treatment for 5 minutes and I’ve already noticed an improvement.

- Neil Curran, Dublin, Ireland.

Another great week doing my 5/10 minute session in the morning and 15 minute session at night. Days have gone by without a hint of my tinnitus and at night I have had it occasionally but at a very low level. Your online product has helped me enormously!

- Fran Russell Banks, Dublin, Ireland.

A really good bit of news is that I don't have to run for my hearing aids first thing in the morning so I can hear my family. That is really life changing to be able to hear the kids and TV etc and not to have Tinnitus drown me out.

- Michael Nolan, Co. Kilkenny.

I am happy to say that, with my opening therapies, some slight improvement in the constant whistling in my ear, it became intermittent yesterday.